Locust Historic Triplex

The Locust Triplex was a major remodel to an existing three-family residential property in the North Laguna neighborhood of Laguna Beach, California.  The project scope included a complete interior remodel, exterior refurbishing, and site improvements around all three 1932 residential structures.  The property originally had insufficient on-site parking in space count and dimensions to accommodate all three living units.  There was also only common outdoor space between the units that all tenants would share, limiting their privacy and an exterior space to call their own.  The site was redesigned to create clearly delineated separate outdoor living spaces for each unit, as well as increase the size and number of on-site parking spaces.  There are historical aspects of this property that were carefully preserved and refurbished.  The front house, Unit A, is a Spanish Revival style stucco bungalow that is an original Pacific System Homes kit house and exemplifies Depression Era residential architecture.  The original detached garage at the rear of the lot was converted and expanded in 1935 by local architect Aubrey St. Clair into an apartment, Unit C, and was connected to an ocean-view roof deck atop Unit B via a unique elevated “bridge”.

Project Type:  Residential Remodel   |   Location:  Laguna Beach, CA   |   Neighborhood:  North Laguna  |   Project Size:  Unit A 2409 sf, Unit B 541 sf, Unit C 907 sf   |   Completion Date:  2023